This year marks a new adventure for me at Mittera Group as the General Manager of J.B. Kenehan. After nine years working within the Mittera Group companies at Rock Communications, Colorfx-Urbandale, and Colorfx-Waverly, this is the fourth Mittera Group branch that I’ve been a part of. As I’ve settled in I’ve had time to reflect on the differences in our plants as well as the many similarities.

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For the past nine years, I have made the rounds through Mittera Group’s companies, from Rock Communications to Colorfx and finally to J.B. Kenehan. My last plant, Colorfx, was entirely sheet-fed and finishing work, while and the plant before was all web work. It has been 5 years since I’ve been in a plant with the whole works like at J.B. Kenehan — sheet-fed, web and numerous finishing capabilities — which has been exciting to dive back into.

Moving from Iowa to Wisconsin, there are differences in people as one may expect from state to state, from the sports teams they cheer on to what they enjoy doing outside of work. While equipment, capabilities and people may be different among our companies we all have the same two goals at our forefront: take care of our clients so they can care for themselves and their customers, and take care of our employees so they can care for themselves and their families.

My continued goal as General Manager of J.B. Kenehan is to concentrate on safety, quality and productivity. We strive for constant safety and awareness to potential hazards so at the end of the day we all go home in the same shape we came in. We aim for quality and implement all the necessary steps in achieving this from maintenance to following our proven processes and procedures so that our customers receive their product with the same care as what they put into creating it. We focus on productivity to efficiently maximize our resources, which benefit of our employees who receive the latest training on the most up-to-date tech, as well as our customers wanting to achieve their desired success.

Even though my time at J.B. Kenehan has been short, I am comforted by all the similarities it shares with other Mittera Group plants. We have a talented bunch of great employees and some awesome customers that we take pride in providing service to day in and day out. With those important similarities, I already feel at home.

—Karen Handeland, General Manage at J.B. Kenehan

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