In my former days as Range Operations Commander in the United States Air Force, we commonly used the phrase, “it takes a million miracles to launch a rocket into outer space.”The same adage can be used when referring to commercial printing: It takes a million miracles to get ink on paper.

Even the simplest of jobs can pass through fifteen pairs of Mittera Group employees’ hands on any given day. Now multiply that by the hundreds of jobs we wrestle each week, and you begin to understand how complex our manufacturing cycle becomes.

Scheduling is one piece of the manufacturing puzzle, yet it is as much a part of the project as deliverables. After all, the handshake between production and the client kicks off the whole project. An effective scheduler must constantly juggle 750,000 perfect-bound books due in four weeks and 5,000 self-mailed post cards due the next day. This means staying organized and keeping an open line of communication with your team. We are a lean, mean manufacturing unit, and much of our equipment is only operated by one or two individuals. To maximize their utilization and efficiencies, Mittera schedulers look for opportunities to level the capacity across our organization.

Which brings me to my last point, options. Our President, Jon Troen, has built a business that allows our individual production facilities to share workflow and capitalize on Mittera Group’s range of core capabilities. From web presses to digital printers, and perfect binders to saddle stitchers, we can look within our company to meet the timelines of our customers, long before soliciting support from outside vendors. That means we can tackle any project you have from concept to print. This model supports both production and sales; the “self-licking ice cream cone” mentality.

At Mittera Group, the million miracles happen at all levels of our organization. Remove one person or one piece of equipment from the equation, and a job has failed before the first ink dot is placed on a sheet of offset paper. Our employees may not have their rank embroidered on their lapels like I did in the military, but we are a cohesive unit. It takes all 750 artists, producers, developers, strategists, analysts and print perfectionists to bring each impression (or “miracle”) to life.


-Tyson Mollenbeck | Corporate Planner | Colorfx

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