YES! One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in my professional experience is the power of saying, “Yes.” I apply this philosophy to my personal life so you can bet I bring the same confidence and momentum to work each day.

Recently, we were awarded a small job from an existing customer that is now operating as a new buyer at a new location. The project we were awarded was somewhat rare in nature.

At this time this job came in, we were already swamped with other customer requests and obligations. It was even tossed out that we should perhaps pass on this particular job.

Well that just didn’t sit right with me. It’s against my very nature to say “no” to any customer so I pushed on. Now it’s one thing to say “yes”; it’s a completely different beast to get the job completed, accurately and on time. I can’t stress how much our team pulled together, and thanks to our stellar employees in both scheduling and the CSR department, we were able to not only take the job on, but also get it done in the time frame required.

After the job was finished and shipped, I received an email from the customer thanking us for such a great experience and promising more work to follow. If that wasn’t enough, she also filled out a survey stating the same sentiments and asked for more information on six different types of work we offer in other areas. That means we may have the opportunity to say “yes” six more times!

Having a great team and talent helps as well!

This was a great experience for our team, and demonstrated our commitment to our customers as well as our ability to get the job done accurately and on time. Take it from me, amazing things happen when you say yes to opportunities outside your comfort zone.

-Steve Curro, Account Executive – Colorfx

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