A long time ago — 38 years to be exact — cinema goers were transported to a galaxy far, far away. It was a place of imperial cruisers and rebel fighters, where Wookiees flew spaceships like the Millennium Falcon, which could make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

The upcoming seventh installment of the Star Wars saga has become one of the most anticipated movies ever. And no doubt a couple of us at MITTERA will likely be trying to find tickets opening weekend.

But good things take time. It took Disney nearly three years from announcement to reveal Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer — not even the main trailer. That’s how important it was to get only the most necessary content without revealing anything concrete about the film.

The same can be said for good content and great marketing campaigns. While we don’t all have the budget of Disney at our back, it is still valuable to let ideas and strategies gestate before coming to fruition.

At MITTERA, this means harnessing the power of Big Data to model the response rates of target audiences, and then estimating how far your marketing dollars can go — and more importantly, where those dollars should go. Whether it’s print or digital we are able to measure a marketing campaign’s impact across all the different channels. Using analytics, we can learn how truly effective each medium is for different marketing strategies — which means creating the most efficient communication strategies, while spending marketing money wisely and effectively.

How to blend print and digital.

This isn’t to say that Disney and Star Wars don’t use data and analytics of their own — because they most assuredly do — but because of their larger budget they are able to take more calculated monetary risks in their marketing strategy. When you’ve got Disney dollars backing you, there’s really no limit to what you can merchandise.

Perhaps most impressive is that as much marketing dollars that have been put into the Star Wars campaign, the effectiveness of their marketing is bolstered by an army of dedicated Star Wars fans, both new and old, promoting the brand at every opportunity.

Isn’t this the real mission? Without fans and clients sharing or consuming the materials we put out there, we are left with nothing. After all, when things are quiet for too long you might end up thinking it’s wise to release a Jar Jar Binks and we all know how well that goes over.

Corporate Communications: Elyssa Appleton, elyssa.appleton@mittera.com – MITTERA