Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. It is the art of strategically delivering words in a way that compels your audience to action. But it’s not as simple as putting words on a page. Below are seven (7) tricks for creating compelling creative copy.

Do More Research. Most writers will tell you that 90% of their job is research and only about 10% is writing. While the numbers may be different for each individual the sentiment is still strong. Albert Einstein once said, “If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” And this is exactly true for copywriting. This isn’t to say you need to dumb your content down, but It means making your message clear and concise so your target audience understands your offer and benefits as quickly as possible.

Know your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your content? What is their day like? How will they digest the information you’ve provided? The more you know about the audience you’re writing for, the more targeted and relevant your copy will be.

Are you proofreading your content?

Tell a Story. Who doesn’t love a great story? Stories can make people feel things — invoke memories they maybe forgot, or aspirations they haven’t shared with their best friends. No matter the form, crafting creative copy has the ability to captured customers’ attention, draw them into a world they desperately want to be part of, and leave them hungry for more.

Appeal to emotion. One of the reasons storytelling is so effective is because it often triggers an emotional response. There is a litany of emotions you can appeal to, but the key driving emotions are: fear, greed, guilt, exclusivity, anger, salvation and flattery.

Break the Rules. Pssst. Want to hear a secret? Sometimes (SOMETIMES!!) you just have to break the rules of proper grammar, syntax, and mechanics. Speaking directly to your customers in language they’ll understand is more important than writing things by the book.

If It’s in Your Head, Write it Down. Nothing will sideline your creative momentum like an out of place idea lodged in your head. It happens. One minute you’re typing like Trumbo, the next you’re hung up on a fan-fic idea that has nothing to do with your message. Instead of trying to work though the distraction, put that idea to paper and move on.

Active Voice. When writing copy for any media, it’s always important to write in the active voice – not the passive. Active sentences give your copy spark, energizing your message with words that invigorate the reader and encourage them to act. Employing this one technique in your copywriting could make the difference between securing a sale and losing one.

-David Rowley, Editorial Marketing Coordinator at MITTERA


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