Direct mail campaigns are a great tool in the overall marketing plans for our customers. When planned, executed, and refined correctly, they can be a very effective way of gaining visibility with tangible and measurable results.

Here are 5 strategies for boosting your efforts:

  1. Establish Your Mailing Objective

Are you reaching out to your current customers or are you trying to attract new prospects to your business? Each of these options requires a very different message and content. Current customers are already familiar with your current product offerings and would be most interested in new products and services. Prospective clients will need to be introduced to your businesses offerings. Both types of clients can be enticed by the use of coupons or an inexpensive giveaway such as a shopping bag.

  1. Define Your Audience

This is one of the most important steps in creating a successful mail campaign. Age, gender, and income are all important to consider when planning your campaign. No matter how good your message is if it isn’t relevant to its audience all your time and money spent on the campaign is wasted. Think long and hard about who comes into your business and why they are there. Talk to them, ask them why they chose your store, what appeals to them and what would they like to see.

  1. Create/Purchase a Mailing List

You have a couple of options when it come to your mailing list. You can purchase a list based on the demographics you created above (“Define Your Audience”) or it may make more sense for you to select a list that encompasses a certain radius around your store. This would make the most sense for a business that relies on a local clientele like a pizza restaurant or health club.

  1. Craft Your Message

OK, so you’ve come this far, it’s no time to blow it now. This is where your creative side comes into play. Marketing statistics show that you have about 6 seconds for someone to look at your mail piece and decide if it’s worth opening. This is one place where first impressions have a huge impact. So how do you do this? You’ll want to put a message on the outside of the mail piece that delivers value to your target audience or answers the question, “What’s in it for me?” engaging their curiosity to open that piece of mail is your goal.

  1. Incorporate Digital Messaging with Direct Mail

Don’t rely on your mailing alone. Social media and blog posts are a great way to get your message out. Post info related to your mailing before and after delivery to reinforce your message. Even follow up with an additional mailing. Repetition is the key to getting your intended audiences’ attention.

If you’ve done your homework and correctly identified your target audience you will be well on your way to creating a successful direct mail campaign. Look to Mittera Group for direct mail that hits home with customers.