Here at Mittera we want to be the industry leader in print and digital communications. To meet that goal, we must keep up with new products and services that give our customers more power and security than ever before. In the pursuit of this goal we have purchased GMC Inspire Designer as well as Messagepoint. GMC Inspire Designer is a powerhouse print tool for variable data giving Mittera more communication capabilities than previous platforms and ensuring that our customers work is completed on time and correctly in the most efficient manner. Messagepoint is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) software that gives our customers the ability to shorten workflows and oversee the when and where that communications should be produced. This means when you work with Mittera you have more control over your content than ever before.


What GMC Inspire brings to the table.

GMC inspire designer is a tool that at its surface can do anything a typical variable data engine can do — only better. Currently Mittera utilizes this tool in that very capacity, and we are in the process of bringing all our variable data work under that singular umbrella making us more efficient and safer from front to back. However, there is more still to be done for us to get to the full potential of this tool. Instead of thinking about GMC as just another software, we must look at it as part of our infrastructure. We don’t tailor GMC to our workflow. Instead, we change our workflow from the bottom up, keeping in the mind the features GMC offers that give the greatest improvement for us and our customers. This will open doors for unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy when it comes to print. But GMC is not limited to just print. There are many features MITTERA has not yet had the opportunity to utilize such as Email, Web, SMS Text, Social Media and external software interactions.


What Messagepoint brings to the table.

Messagepoint is a hybrid-cloud based CCM software platform that allows our customers control the entire communication lifecycle for all print or digital messaging. Deliver messages to who you want, when you want and how you want. This tool puts the power of content management in the hands of our customers or our customer’s customers. Messagepoint can become the central brain that contains all your ready to use content, from text to images and more. Messagepoint is not limited to specific output tools. You can create and add content on message point and leverage existing platforms to produce the communications you want while also being able to variably target the customers you want. If you do not have the tools needed to produce these communications then you can leverage a vendor such as Mittera’s available tools and the vendor can produce them for you.

Combined, these tools make Mittera a prime location to not just meet all of your communication needs but exceed them.

Tobias Ross, Print Solutions Lead Developer – MITTERA