At Mittera Group, we strive to bring the best service and quality to our customers by getting the job done right. We anticipate customer needs and deliver value to them.  We are always looking to improve our processes, and embrace and remain responsive to change, to ensure we are providing the best service. In 2016, we began sending out customer surveys to learn what our customers liked and what we could improve upon.

The feedback has been invaluable.

Through this feedback, we have followed up with customer concerns and tailored solutions that fit their needs, as well as improved some of our own internal processes. The surveys have also been educational by showing the complete services we offer. Many of our customers didn’t even realize that we do much more than print and mail.

For me specifically, I’ve taken the feedback from all the customers (not just my own) and changed the way I communicate with customers and with our teams.  My approach to training on quality standards and how our team approaches specific details of our jobs continues to improve. I empower the production teams and other departments to have the same sense of urgency when it comes to meeting the customer’s needs while utilizing the customer feedback to further aid our customers.

Simply put: the feedback has made my job easier.  Customers are honest and explain what they’re looking for and what they expect. I can then communicate these expectations to our teams and utilize them when writing standard operating procedures (SOP).

Since we began sending the surveys, the customer service leadership team has a monthly conference call to review results and discuss ways we can do more.  These discussions have led to additional ideas on how to better serve our customers, how we advertise our services, and how we educate our prospective customers.  The surveys have opened a whole new realm of ideas and service standards.  Having this feedback has made it easier for the customer service leadership team and the sales team to anticipate our customer’s needs and how we handle our accounts.


EMILY HORNBUCKLE | Client Services Lead

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