Data is an incredibly useful tool when developing your marketing strategy. It predicts outcomes, identifies trends, targets markets, and drives personalization. Using data in the right way can take your marketing efforts from good to great. For example, a piece of mail that addresses you by name is much more memorable than one that starts with something like “Dear Homeowner”. The more you use data, the more personal your message can feel to your customers.

When working with data, it is critical to ensure you have the highest quality data available. Bad data is worse than no data. Your data needs to be current, correct, and complete. Set a high standard for quality.  Experts in the area of data can be tremendous resources during planning, monitoring and reporting phases of a project.

Some ways to utilize data in your promotions include:

  • Personalization—use a person’s name to draw attention to your message.
  • Personalized coupons—include an offer that is likely to appeal to the individual or a certain demographic.
  • Life-stage marketing—use the information you have to identify target audiences who are likely to be desiring your product or services based on their current circumstances (e.g., new mother, preparing to retire, going to college, etc.).
  • Lookalike data—use what you know about your customers to gain new ones, like them. Identify common characteristics that describe your customers and market towards consumers who share them.

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