Direct mail is growing, and for good reason. It is shown to achieve a much higher response rate than email, and over half of consumers believe printed marketing material to be the most trustworthy. And as technology advances, there are many tools you can use to make your direct mail plans even more effective. Digital integration can take your marketing to the next level.

When you send a mail promotion, the postal system’s technology allows you to track your mail to see when it arrives in-home. The USPS provides data through an intelligent mail barcode printed on every piece, which you can use to identify the percentage of mail that has arrived by date. Using mail tracking, you can continue to communicate appropriately through other channels such as email and social media to accentuate your message.

SocialMatch is another useful approach to explore.  It can identify which of your direct mail recipients are also social media users, and those recipients will see your ads displayed on their social media feeds, sometimes before your direct mail piece even arrives in their mailbox. Facebook is especially successful in this space. Users can tag one another and share your ad, increasing exposure.

Call tracking is another way to incorporate technology to your direct mail piece. You can use a unique phone number for your campaign that is printed on mail pieces and appears in online ads. Calls that come through the line can be tracked and recorded for playback. This can provide a great deal of information on the success of your campaign.

The more you know about your marketing campaigns, the more successful your campaigns will be. Direct mail with digital integration can give you the tools you need to run an effective campaign.

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