Digital printing continues to grow in the print industry, with faster printers producing high-quality pieces. There are many benefits to digital printing, including reduced inventory, personalized or customized documents, short run flexibility, and speed to delivery. To take full advantage of digital printing, you must implement automated processing workflow or make the workflow part of your marketing strategy. This workflow will drive down the processing costs.

Mittera has implemented several automated workflow applications for dozens of customers. The key to success is listening to our customers’ needs and determining how technology can be used to reduce labor for both our customers and Mittera. Listed below are some examples:

  1. Web-to-Print Storefronts – The development of order processing sites allows users to quickly order inventoried products or customized products.  These products will be shipped in 4 to 72 hours after placing the order.  We can also create customized billing options, such as billing everything to the corporate office, billing to individual franchises, or breaking down the billing by departments.
  2. Direct Mail Trigger Campaigns –  Mittera technology allows customers to deliver files daily based on customer triggers or events (e.g., stopping into a store, inquiring about a product or service, renewing a service contract).  These events have personalized data, and that data is automatically transferred to our digital staff, which enables them to print a personalized postcard, letter, or other customized direct mail piece.  The workflow, testing, and planning is preapproved before data is received and production begins. Because the piece is personalized and a direct result of the customer’s action, the response rate is increased.
  3. API -Electronic connections, or APIs, provide an automated link that allows data to transfer from our customer application to Mittera’s fulfillment or digital printing processing system. This workflow allows our customers to maintain the existing look and feel to their customers but will allow Mittera to handle all the back-office processing like digital printing, inventory control, packing of products and shipping.

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