The decision to build or redesign a website can be overwhelming. Determining if you should build yourself or hire a professional creates a whole new realm of responsibilities to consider. When evaluating the options, it is important to make a clear list of your objectives, identify how much time you can dedicate to the process and have a realistic budget outlined.

If the goal of the website is to create a hobby blog, resources like or are completely viable options. Their user-friendly format offers easy management of your content while helping to keep costs down.

Let’s say your hobby allowed you to open a small business and you need a way to communicate information to your customers as well as allow customers to engage with the business in return. This sort of interaction requires a little intellectual ingenuity, but — in most scenarios — the business owner does not have the extra time needed to create and monitor a website and likely has a modest budget to work with. At Mittera, we want to help you succeed and can provide cost-effective, short-term website development processes and solutions that will fit your needs and your finances.

Now let’s imagine that small business has grown, and the needs of the website have become more complex. Inventory has multiplied and customer engagement opportunities have grown. It’s time to get serious about your website, and seek out a professional agency that can provide expertise on all angles of the web development process.

At Mittera Group, we can provide that and more. Our team of developers and analysts specialize in crafting ideal user experiences across the web, from responsive websites and mobile applications to social media and online advertising.

During the discovery process, our teams meet to determine the overall goals of the website, target market and how to measure success. Here’s how a website weaves its way through the Mittera team:

Our User Experience specialists prepare an information architecture, which outlines all pages needed and how they relate to one another.
The Information Architecture is used to structure wireframes, which indicate where each functional piece of the site should be placed.
We then hand this off to our creative team who polish it off with custom designs.
Our Back-End developers provide functionality to meet individual needs and our Front-end developers put the paint on the walls. (The development piece is the exciting part because the design truly comes to life.)
A true Mittera success story is complete after we provide clients with clear and easy-to-follow documentation. This allows clients of all technological skillsets to take pride in owning their new website and how it is managed

Seeing the clients face when they are engaging with their new website for the first time is one of the many reasons I enjoy my position at Mittera. Seeing the website grow from a dream to an intelligently designed product is a momentous occasion for both the customer and myself.

-Valerie Yeltman, Web Developer – MITTERA