Have you ever received an after-dinner mint, gratis, after a nice restaurant meal? How about finding your bed made and turned down with a chocolate on the pillow in a nice hotel? How did that make you feel? Important, right?

Now, think of a time when you were given the bare minimum of what you ordered, received poor service or returned to your hotel room to find the bed as disheveled as when you left. How did that make you feel? Or, a better question might be, will you consider returning to this establishment? No, not likely.

While “thanks” has a nice ring to it, words don’t carry the same gravity as actions. And getting a little extra is a simple and effective way to let your customer know they are important, appreciated and deserve to be treated as such.

Have you tried a “leave behind” for your clients?

As a Mittera Group designer, I always give my customers a little more than they asked for—or were expecting. If I am printing off posters, once I am done trimming the pages, I am sure to add slip sheets between each of them before wrapping and packaging the materials neatly. It’s important to pay special attention to the little details like spelling, color, and consistency—while they may seem insignificant, your customers will notice it immediately and see your commitment to their particular projects.

And it’s not just as a designer. I’m also a manager for Mittera Group and during recruitment I’m always keeping my eye out for applicants who show that same attention to detail in their resume and portfolio.

Like it says on our website, Mittera Group is a multi-platform family of media companies specializing in communications with a focus on better customer relationships. We understand and strive to continually show our gratitude to customers across all departments. It’s important to remember, good customer service shouldn’t just come from the customer service department—we all can give our customers a little extra attention to make them feel special and well cared for.

It’s these little extras that lead to strong customer loyalty, a competitive edge, reduce complaints and better our reputation in the industry. When there is a complaint, we have this great ground work already laid through exceptional customer service that assist’s us in working through any issues with our customers. If you want to be one of the customers experiencing the extra mile we go, give us a call today!

-CONNIE SPARKS, Design Manager

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