Customer service has always been a cornerstone of social media, and users now expect brands to answer their questions, comments, and concerns quickly across all social channels. Facebook ’s latest push to entice brands to answer user questions quickly and consistently is a new “Very Responsive” badge for Pages with stellar customer service.

Facebook is now tracking your Page’s message response times, and if you meet their criteria, users will see the badge displayed directly below the profile picture of your brand’s page.


Earning The Badge

According to Facebook ’s guidelines, in order to earn the Very Responsive badge, your Page must have done both of the following for the last seven days:

Responded to 90 percent of messages
Maintained a median response time of five minutes for all replies
Achieving a five minute average response isn’t easy, but it’s also not as daunting as it seems with few simple tips and optimizations.

Responding Faster

Facebook ’s new “saved replies” feature makes answering questions a breeze, especially since you’re probably responding to the same handful of questions over and over again. Instead of typing out a new message each time, take inventory of your most frequently asked questions and create a saved reply for each one.

blog 2The screenshot above shows some example saved replies for users asking about store hours and locations, along with a general statement that thanks the user for their question and lets them know you’ll get back to them.

Making A Great Impression with Social Data!

In order to maintain the five minute average, this type of general “We’ll get back to you,” reply will become your bread and butter.

Another step to faster responses is to download Facebook’s Pages Manager App (iOS, Android). The app allows you to receive push notifications on your phone when your Page has a new message. You can then respond straight from your phone.

Finally, if you find yourself in your email inbox more than your Facebook Page, you can adjust your Page notification settings to send an e-mail each time your Page receives a new message. From your Page, select “Settings” in the upper right hand corner, then “Notifications” in the left menu. Finally, switch the Email checkbox to “Get email each time there is activity on your Page.”

blog 3

It’s important to note that Page managers shouldn’t stress about constantly chasing the five-minute response time. While you should strive to always be quick and consistent with your responses, don’t do so at the expense of your brand. For example, some users may send messages during non-business hours, and frankly, some messages (such as spam) don’t deserve an answer.

With the 90 percent rule, you’re given some leeway. If you don’t answer one out of 10 questions within the five minutes, it won’t count against you. And since it’s a rolling seven-day average, if there is a day or two where you can’t answer fast enough, keep plugging along. Once the messages older than a week drop off, you can re-gain the badge.

Good luck and happy messaging!

– Sidney Kleinpeter, Digital Analyst at MITTERA

Corporate Communications: Elyssa Shapiro,