Mailing knowledge may not be the catchiest of topics, but it’s immensely important. Why? Because the difference an experienced Mail Service Provider (MSP) can add to your entire marketing campaign pays off in a huge way.

A skilled MSP has the correct tools and knowledgeable staff to create a highly tailored mailing campaign. With on-site USPS representatives at some locations, you can skip the post office. We’ll mail directly to your destination while saving you time and money. Mittera Group ensures your mail pieces get to the right place, every time. Address management provides a valuable service that enables us to effectively manage the quality of each and every mailing project. And for those project that simply cannot wait, many of our facilities are near major postal centers which gives Mittera an advantage to maximizing our customers mailing efficiencies and getting those pieces into the mailboxes quickly.

Technology is often the answer to help solve organizational issues. MSPs are no exception. We use technology every day to increase customer response and measure our efficiency so we can be constantly improving our services. If you are having issues standing out from the pack, we can use technology tailored to remedy that. Mittera Group offers mail quality reports with every mailing, which means we will help you build and maintain your mailing lists (See: Targeting With Direct Mailing Lists). And our analytics can get you the very best list to ensure your piece gets in front of as many eyes as possible.

Come to Mittera Group for:

List purchasing & maintenance
Mail Streaming & Presorting
Entering the mail with the greatest discounts available
Manage mailing feedback
Tracking and/or address correction services.

So let us help you tell your story — and get it to the right place at the right time.

-Kristin Damitz, Marketing Coordinator & Paul Yaroch, Data & Mailing Manager – Colorfx

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