A surefire way to capture my attention is to mention something delicious. I am all ears when the conversation focuses on food. I have always loved to eat and cook, but there’s so much more that piques my interest within the culinary realm. I want to know everything—ranging from newest hot spots in my community to unconventional eating habits around the globe—and I could get lost in conversations and information searches for days. At Mittera Creative Services, we use food photography as a vehicle to communicate on our client’s behalf.

The universal love of food transcends socioeconomic status and it prompts various forms of communication. Empires go to war over food insecurity. Interpersonal communication strengthens and quarrels are resolved when people break bread together. Many lasting relationships start with an awkward dinner in hopes that good dialogue ensues—and if it doesn’t, at least you can still get a good meal out of the night. A single bite can stir to mind a memory, be it joyful or somber; a dish executed in a familiar manner can remind us of people we love and those who are gone. Our relationship with food is deeply connected to every sensory perception, which influences us greatly.

Food Styling

It is said that we eat with our eyes, and proven that people are particularly inspired when they view gorgeous imagery. For example, if I see a picture of a succulent dish, chances are I will be inclined to create a similar dish or seek out the opportunity to experience said dish somewhere. When food is presented in an enticing way, people take notice and react. Pictures of knockout sandwiches on a subway wall first cause unintentional salivation, followed by the need to consume the product, making food photography a brilliant and successful marketing device.

Food photography

As a Food Stylist, I get to create ravishing dishes for food photography. My workspace is dedicated to producing the most attractive food possible, devoted to proper food safety and sanitation procedures, and committed to reducing waste via recycling and composting practices.

Food Styling

I am fortunate to work with a team of highly skilled photo directors who turn concepts into reality, and accomplished photographers that light the way and transform a simple picture into a food experience. Our creative collaboration is customized to fit our client’s specifications to appeal to their intended audience, while our stunning food facilitates advantageous communication. What can we say, making food that’s beautiful comes effortlessly to us, using an array of different techniques, tools, and design principles in food preparation and presentation.


-Annie Whyte | Food Stylist

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