Mittera Data and Analytics has been a part of Mittera’s core services for roughly two years now. As I look back over our experiences and try to characterize what it means to work in marketing analytics, only one thing sticks out as universally true; “custom solution” is a redundant term.

The only solution that truly integrates analytics into a business’s decisions and outcomes is going to be custom. And let’s be honest, that’s not easy, for a business or for us. It takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of trust to develop the kind of relationship that is the right breeding ground for a successful implementation of processes and decisions driven by data and analytics.

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It’s not even like we’re “customer focused” because by the time we’re done providing a solution to a client, they no longer feel like a customer. We, our team members, are an integral extension of their company’s capabilities. Our customers are our bosses, our partners, and we have as much skin in the game as they do.

Which brings me to why I point all of this out. This is an explanation to any potential customers out there who might consider doing more with data (which, let’s be honest, is all of you). Mittera Data & Analytics is a shared resource; shared between multiple companies bringing broad experience to each set of localized problems a client brings us. We are not your data and analytics vendor; we are your data and analytics department.

What works in retail analytics doesn’t always work in insurance or not-for-profit analytics, of course, but regardless of how large or small a company is or what industry they work in, every company has to take that first step to embracing data and analytics in their marketing decisions. And I believe Mittera Data & Analytics has uniquely positioned ourselves as a company’s first-step-taker.

Any data scientist worth their muster loves a good problem to solve. But where I think we excel and other analytics services fail, is that Mittera Data & Analytics is just as willing to listen as we are to speak, we’re just as willing to tackle the problem as we are to advise you to reconsider the fundamentals of your problem first.

As we venture with our clients into the deep water of marketing analytics, we manufacture “custom solutions” just like our clients manufacture “custom problems,” and we excel at tackling those problems as an extension of their team.

-Micah Honeycutt, Director of Data and Analytics, MITTERA