Building on the success of Snapchat’s quirky and quick content snippets, Instagram recently launched Instagram Stories, a feature that lets users plug in photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours.

It’s basically Snapchat, but on Instagram. Snapstagram, if you will.

Get To Snapping!

While the ‘gram is a platform that’s viewed by many as a sacred space for only your very best content, stories invites users to post as much raw footage as they want without clogging followers’ feeds.

WHAT? Your children aren’t always playing amongst the wildflowers during the golden hour? Gasp.

 Stories finally lets users get a glimpse of real life without tainting a flawless feed.

 There is some chatter on the World Wide Web crediting Instagram for actually creating a (basically carbon copy, but) better version of the storytelling interface Snapchat released in 2013.

As a newbie to Snapchat, — I know, I know — super late to the party  — I find Instagram’s version to be more user-friendly. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that, initially, Snapchat is uber-confusing too.

As stated in an article from The Next Web, “Instagram stories have all the fancy drawing features you’d find on Snapchat, but less buttons and options to get in the way of actually sharing photos. There’s always context for what you’re looking at and where to go next, something that’s frequently lost in Snapchat.”

 Similar to Snapchat, the likability of your post on Stories is unknown to you and your followers — letting us share freely without worrying about how many people “heart” our content. Stories also has a messaging feature that lets you chat with accounts through Instagram Direct, another pathway for more socialization between users.

Whether you’re Team Snapchat or Instagram Stories, Snapchat proved there is a large market for sharing the brief, run-of-the-mill moments of our lives. And just as brands have embraced Snapchat as a way to reach their target audience, I expect to see the same on Instagram Stories.

Stay tuned as we dive into what other brands are already doing, and how you can make the most of Stories.

– Elyssa Appleton, Corporate Communications at Mittera Group



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