How can one simple incomplete sentence make such a statement?

It was proven once by mathematics that the wing span of a bumble bee is too short and the down draft of the wings in ratio to its mass would make it impossible for the bumble bee to fly.  However, the bumble bee not knowing this continues to fly oblivious to this fact.

Have you ever wished that you didn’t know your limitations?  How about you start living like you don’t have any?  Last March my daughter Emily passed away due to a tragic snowmobile accident.  One thought that gives me comfort is the way that she lived. She lived every day to the fullest and took advantage of every moment she had.   I will forever be grateful for that.  She leaves behind an amazing ripple effect and has taught everyone she ever met (and some people she didn’t) the same lesson.  In honor of my daughter, I try to do the same.  I have stepped outside of my comfort zone more times than I care to think about.

This new lifestyle I have embraced has changed me both professionally and personally. I have learned to work harder, grown in a deep desire to make a difference, and a yearning to provide the best customer service I possibly can.   Everyone is fighting their own battle; my goal is to make things a little easier for my customers and my coworkers.

My chosen profession is Customer Service (What Customer Service Means To Us). It gives me great joy to make others happy and produce a quality product delivered to them in the desired timeline.  Times are not always easy in the print world. Deadlines are tight, demands are high, and every company is looking for the next new niche that will get them noticed.  This creates an atmosphere where we need to stay on our toes and on top of emerging technology.  I am honored to be able to make a difference in this world. I feel that self-fulfillment is key to complete happiness both inside the workplace and out.

We can all use the bee as an example. Nothing is impossible!  Keep selling to the customer that says no. Stay friendly and accommodating to the customer with unachievable expectations, ignore your limitations, and just bee!

-Dawn Lyons-Wood, Customer Service Manager – J.B Kenehan (Part of the Mittera family!)