Recently, Mittera acquired the assets of EarthColor. As a result, we are excited to offer new capabilities to our customers. 

The biggest hurdle that marketers face when considering VDP (Variable Data Printing) is that four-letter word: data. What file format should it be in? How do we submit our data to the printer? Where do we indicate the different data fields on our layout? How does our designer set up a layout with the correct data in mind?

Frankly, it’s the stuff of marketing headaches. Many decide it’s easier to go with a straightforward static piece of print material, even though research shows that personalized printing consistently delivers higher response rates and increased engagement.

Determined to find a way to simplify the VDP process for marketers, EarthColor has designed the first-ever, easy-to-follow VDP job submission process. It’s called EarthColor Alchemy™.

Think of it as your “DIY VDP” kit. Using the templates available for download at, you can prepare the tools we need to produce your personalized direct mail pieces in a fraction of the time and at a far lower cost than ever before.

The EarthColor Alchemy™ system is so easy, it takes you just 3 steps

1.  Select a product and download the templates. Go to, create an account and download one of our market-tested InDesign templates and the accompanying data file.

2.  Populate the downloaded templates. A variety of InDesign templates are currently available for different direct mail formats, from postcards to self-mailers (horizontal and vertical), all the way up to our premium product category that includes self-mailers with coupons and an iron cross self-mailer.                                                                                                  

Every EarthColor Alchemy™ InDesign template indicates the dimensions of the direct mail piece as well as standard postal designations. Once the template is chosen, you create the design and indicate where the various data fields should go.  Any InDesign savvy designer can do this.

Use the Excel data template as the foundation for building your data file. It indicates where different version codes can be preloaded according to the key principles of segmentation, localization and personalization. You can introduce as many segments as desired for your direct mail campaign. This file will drive the creative and the messaging for your personalized direct mail piece.

3.  Upload the final files. Include your data file and packaged InDesign file with .indd file, document fonts and links and let EarthColor Alchemy™ handle the rest! It’s simple. It’s direct. It’s stress-free.

EarthColor Alchemy™ is a preconceived, preplanned VDP workflow created to give customers the tools they need to create dynamic print messaging. Because it’s a template-based system, it’s saving you both time and money.

EarthColor built this system to provide you with the most efficient and simplest workflow to get your personalized mail piece into the marketplace quickly.  You’ll see higher response rates and increased engagement. That is the magic of EarthColor Alchemy™.

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