In the ever-changing landscape of the commercial printing industry, MITTERA is happy to offer new services to our customers because of the acquisition of the innovative and technology-based company EarthColor. With locations in New Jersey, New York, Florida and Texas, this footprint brings additional options to all our customers nationwide.

We are excited to add the following printing and technology offerings to our existing MITTERA services:

  1. Direct Mail Trigger Campaigns – EarthColor technology and digital teams have developed a number of innovative programs that process millions of marketing campaigns that are “triggered” by an event like a website view, visit to a store or not checking out on a shopping cart. These events (“personalized data”) are automatically transferred to EarthColor technology and digital staff to print a personalized postcard, letter or other customized direct mail piece. This type of processing increases responses because the action is connected directly to the potential customer’s action.
  2. Inline Imaging and Finishing – This process combines high-speed quality offset printing, inline finishing and personalized variable data printing. This process is like a “white paper factory” but finished on web presses with much higher speeds. The process generates finished mail or customized pieces off the back of the press. This process allows for faster turn-times of larger volumes with very competitive prices.
  3. Card Affixing Applications – In your mailbox you are always receiving retailers’ offers with discount coupons in the form of easily detachable personalized credit card-sized plastic or paper cards. These cards are attached to a variety of direct mail package configurations. These services can all be handled at EarthColor. Some of these card configurations are large volumes and run Inline, and others are run on specialized finishing and matching systems for verification and quality control. Plastic and paper cards are both available.
  4. High-Impact Campaigns with Unique Substrates And Finishing – EarthColor has been engineering unique invitations, announcements and menus. These projects combine various substrates like plastics, acrylics, textured papers and even wood. Then they blend digital printing for personalization and offset printing to highlight with UV, add texture or features like soft touch. These offerings can be applied to the entire mail piece, highlights or only on specific pages. When you see these samples you will ask yourself, “How did they dream up this idea?!”

Please reach out to your sales representative or myself, and we can help on your next campaign with any of these new offerings. Please visit for additional details.

-Perry Klein, CTO and Vice President of Sales | MITTERA

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