Did you know the average person receives over 2,900 marketing messages a day? With advertisements everywhere, it’s more important than ever to make sure your message isn’t just reaching potential customers, but actually sinking in.  Omni-channel marketing is an approach that is increasingly being used to reach consumers in a variety of ways. You may be familiar with the term. In summary, omni-channel marketing facilitates engagement with consumers through a variety of channels and devices, including both print and digital programs.   It has been proven to increase response rates.

In this digital age, you may think that your marketing efforts are best spent on social media and email. While digital marketing has certainly proven itself to be effective, it’s important to take other options into account along with your digital efforts. For example, 92% of all direct mail is opened while the average email campaign has an open rate of 18%. If you’re looking to get in front of your customer for more than half a second, sending them a personalized direct mail piece would be a great place to start. Personalization has proven to increase engagement and response rates.  It’s also important to note that 90% of consumers visit a company’s website before making a purchase, so be sure to keep your site engaging and user-friendly.

Something else to consider is how many times your target audience receives your message. Studies show that sales are typically made between the 8th and 12th exposure of your brand to a potential buyer. So, sending the occasional email blast or running an ad campaign every once in awhile probably won’t be enough to yield the results you want. Using various platforms in conjunction with each other to get in front of your consumer multiple times has been proven to be significantly more effective.  And having a well-integrated program with touches from a variety of channels over time makes sense in an ever-progressing world.

Omni-channel marketing campaigns can be a lot to take on, but the results can be amazing. Contact us today to set up a time to speak with our experts.  We’re eager to help!

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