In a world saturated with marketing messages, personalizing your promotions can really help you stand out in the crowd. Studies show that by simply using someone’s name in a promotion, your response rates can increase up to 135%. And the more you personalize (data, special offers, etc.), the higher your response rates get. Below are a few different ways to crate effective personalized promotions.

  • Make it fun!—Don’t just use their name. You can create a personalized mystery for them to solve, add print enhancements like scratch-offs to reveal facts or special offers, or include a recipe.
  • Provide information—Include some useful information like who their sales representative is or the address of your closest business location. This can increase the lifespan of your promotion, as you’re giving them a piece that they can refer back to.
  • Offer an incentive—Include a personalized offer or discount, or a giveaway they can enter. This is a great way to incorporate social media as well. Create a custom hashtag they can use in a post to enter a contest.
  • Leverage your data—Mailing lists can provide you with a lot of data about your clients. Include a personalized promotion for a product or service that your client is likely to be interested in.

Personalization is what will make your promotion memorable. Our team of data experts is here to help you get the most from your personalized promotions—contact us today to get started!