Saving money on your postage spend should be an important consideration for any mailing that you will be doing. It’s a big factor—postage can sometimes account for more than half of your budget for a print and mail marketing campaign. So, it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to minimize your postage spend.

While you may think that the quality of your mail list primarily dictates your postage savings, you actually need to go back to the design phase to really lower your postage costs. Working closely with your design team to make sure that your mail piece meets all postal requirements is critical to minimizing your postage bill. As postal regulations become more and more complex it is useful to have a resource that can help with the specifics. Something as simple as incorrectly folding a mail piece could increase your postage by 50%!

Once you have successfully created your perfect mail piece, you are ready to tackle the mail list. Once again, working with a knowledgeable mail service provider can save you money. Our experts will examine your mail list, running it through our USPS approved software to ensure data integrity and proper address formatting. We’ll also ensure that we have the most up-to-date information for anyone who may have moved.

All of these things put together can save you money on your mailing and get your message to your prospective customer. Contact one of our sales representatives today and see how our team of postal experts can help you to create a mail piece that meets all postal requirements and saves you money!