A business is only as strong as its customer service, and customers today have a bigger voice than ever around the overall customer experience.  They perform their own research about a brand before they make a purchase, they can communicate directly with businesses and other customers, and they can make their opinions and experiences known to large audiences, in a way like never before. Keeping your customers happy is more important than ever.

Here are a few ways to make sure your customer service is top notch:

Make customer service a central part of your company culture. Customer service goes beyond just the customer service team.  Making sure your entire team is aligned around your customer service goals is critical to success.

Think of customer service as a marketing tool. Outstanding customer experiences often lead to positive reviews and/or referrals.

Manage your customer’s expectations. Listen to your customers’ challenges, but don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Be up front with your customer about what they can expect from you, and then delight them by exceeding those expectations whenever possible.

Use data. Data can help you anticipate your customers’ needs and show them valuable options for communicating with their target audiences.

Identify common customer issues. If there is a frequently asked question, potential issue or common pain point, work to address the issues to provide an even better customer experience.  Being proactive, and constantly adjusting make a tremendous difference in the service levels your company can provide.

Let your customer service team know you appreciate them. Make sure you remember to thank your team and reward them for a job well done. Let them know why the work they do matters to your customers and your company. Customer Service Appreciation week is an excellent time to do that – October 1-2, 2018.

Good customer service makes all the difference. We love serving our customers and can’t wait to work with you on your next project! Contact us today to get started!