This week, we want to dive into two Mittera business staples: ecommerce storefronts and custom calendars. We pride ourselves on both the quality of these services and our ability to tailor them to whatever specifications our customers may have.


Mittera is a one-stop shop for any of our clients’ digital and print needs. One of our unique capabilities is the creation of electronic storefronts for our clients. For those unfamiliar, product display, online ordering software, inventory management applications, billing and online payment system, and payment processing software may all be included in an electronic storefront. Storefronts have the advantage of online ordering from a client’s perspective and efficient production management from Mittera’s end.

Clients appreciate the ease of accessing their own portals to purchase our products. While everything is set up prior to their storefront visit, the client is able to remotely choose the product they want and the quantity accordingly. This benefit allows for a smooth transition from purchasing their desired product to the product arriving at their door. For example, we recently implemented a customer-branded storefront to enable remote online ordering of a very popularly demanded product of printed calendars.


Annually, we create calendars that incorporate photos of client’s choice, their company name, as well as their logo on the cover of each calendar. This is accomplished through our diverse capabilities of print options that range from single color digital to full web offset printing. The client has the option to select their choice of paper stock, color capabilities, coatings, as well as binding options.

The benefits to the customer include:

  • Competitive unit pricing
  • Centralized order processing
  • Billing options that include centralized corporate billing or individual agent invoicing
  • Credit card payment is available
  • History tracking and co-op cost sharing

At Mittera, we know customization is key and that’s why we tailor all our creative solutions to our customer needs. Our innovative solutions and strategic creative direction may be just the thing you’re looking for. Give us a ring and see what Mittera can bring to your brand.


Dave Rittman and Jake Monty | MITTERA Sales Force

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