Whether you’re going for a complete website revamp or trying to hone your social media presence, one of the most overlooked questions is, “Who am I trying to reach with this content?”

Prior to creating the tangibles of your digital marketing strategy, brands need to begin with a firm understanding of the company’s current image. Your digital presence should resemble the image people already associate you with. Likewise, if someone first notices your organization in the digital world, their impression should reflect your real world value too.

One problem that can lead to missing the mark in the digital world is focusing too much on what you want to see, rather than thinking about what your customers want.

What is going to get them excited about you? Why should they tell other people to check you out?

Make sure you are staying on the right track with social!

If people consider you to be an expert in your field, then your digital presence should showcase that. Conversely, if people love your brand for being fun and trendy, social media can be a great tool to demonstrate those qualities. Knowing the digital avenue best tailored to each audience can score you big points in the eyes’ of the consumer.

Think of it this way, social media is the cover of your book. You want it to catch consumers’ attention. This doesn’t mean it can’t be a great tool for someone to engage with your company. Keeping it short and sweet allows those consumers intrigued by your content to dig deeper.

If you want to truly engage your visitors, try to do so within the realm of your own site by providing snippets of your website content on social media. Then drive them to your site. This is a more effective approach than solely using social media as a one-stop shop.

At the same time, knowing when to post content on your site that brings consumers to your social media page can be great too. This allows them to see what others are saying, and get to know you on the surface.

Social media feeds are a great way for a website to provide the full experience of both the story you are trying to tell, and the reviews of others who have experienced it.

The ultimate goal is to have a website and social media strategy that work seamlessly to boost one another up. Let social media handle the day-to-day items and drive customers to your site to really get to know you. Meanwhile, allow your site to fully immerse the customer in the brand image you worked so hard to create.