In the new age of digital advertising, direct mail remains a tried and true method to reach customers and grow your business. Technology advances that have made digital advertising the go-to have also opened up new possibilities for direct mail. Data-driven campaigns and personalized mail pieces pack a bigger punch than ever before. While digital advertising certainly provides benefits, it also presents new considerations to plan for such as security and competition with other digital advertising across a number of channels. Direct mail continues to succeed as a tangible way to reach your audience. It’s proven to be more memorable and to have a longer lifespan than digital marketing. On top of that, tracking its success is easy. PURLs, QR codes, and coupon codes are all ways to track your mailer’s performance. A printed piece also provides tremendous options for creativity. Designing your message is just the beginning. You can play with special print enhancements to give your piece an eye-catching metallic finish or a surprisingly feel with UV coating. Make a big statement by printing an oversized postcard that will dominate the mailbox, or make your piece interactive with scratch-offs or die-cutting.  And our Data team can help to make sure you’re targeting optimal audiences with your messages.  The possibilities are endless! Direct mail is effective and versatile. Contact us today to get started on your next project!