Color Studies: Colors have a powerful effect on our emotions.

Red, for example, gets your heart racing. Studies show we’re more attracted to one another if the color red is involved. Both men and women wearing red shirts, or even standing in front of a red background, are said to be more desirable. Men are also more likely to throw down extra cash on a date with a woman in red.

Think Julia Roberts’s red dress in Pretty Woman or Jessica Rabbit. Swoon.

In addition, red stimulates passion, increase appetites, serves as a symbol of status, gives warning, encourages energy and excitement, and can be used as a call to action.

The Hunger Games: Restaurants will choose red decor, or a red logo, to encourage a heartier appetite. For instance, well-established brands like McDonalds, KFC, Popeye’s and Pizza Hut use red logos.

I’m so fancy, you already know: In the business world, men or women wearing red are typically thought to be more successful. A red power tie, red carpet, and the stereotypical red sports car indicate a flashier status.

Stop, in the name of love: Red also signifies danger. Stop signs and fire trucks are easily noticed due to their color. A scientific test found zoo monkeys avoided human caretakers who were wearing red. It’s no secret the show-stopping red is powerful, but use it modestly. An occasional splash of red is all it takes.

Get your blood pumping: Red can make a person excited or angry and increase blood pressure. People tend to make rash decisions with red, which is why some organizations use it to stimulate impulse purchases.

Heeeey, yooou guys: Many non-profit websites choose red for their donation buttons hoping it’ll grab the attention of a potential donor. Take a look at The United States Humane Society’s website and their “donate monthly” button.

Another study on the effects of the color red used two pamphlets, gray and red, to explain the benefits of a certain vaccination. People who received the red pamphlet were more interested in getting the vaccination than those who received the gray pamphlet, even though they contained the same information.

So, what are you dressing up for this Valentine’s Day?

Passion? A fancy meal? Just want to show off a little bit?  Possibly give off that “mysterious and dangerous” vibe?

Whatever you have in mind, make sure to wear red.


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