Shipping is a key part of our business. It’s the point where you, the customer, finally experiences your product in person. And getting that product delivered where and when you need it can sometimes pose a challenge.

On the surface shipping may seem as simple as moving a box or skid from point A to point B. But there are many questions that need to be answered before that skid or package can leave our dock to be delivered to you. Things that must be considered are: packaging options, shipping costs, delivery timeline, and final destination.

Every print job is different, so the shipping process differs as well. Sometimes, it’s no more than putting the finished product on a skid and sending it out the door. Other times, it might involve bundling the product into various quantities and sending it in separate shipments so that the entire print job arrives in customers’ homes on the same day. As all these parts are figured out, we must ensure we get the job done at a reasonable cost and on time.

Our shipping team works closely with all major truck lines, small package carriers and the USPS to make sure your project arrives undamaged, on time, and at the lowest cost. We carefully package your materials to your specifications making sure there is no shifting within the boxes that could cause your product to scuff or wrinkle in transit. We then select the best method for your product to ship, balancing any time requirements with the lowest cost option.

Do you need your project to be shipped to a client in a foreign country? We have the expertise to ship a small envelope or 10 skids anywhere in the world. International shipping can be tricky, but our shipping team can maneuver through the maze of custom forms to ensure that your project is not held up.

Shipping can be a difficult aspect of many print projects. Every one of our clients have their own unique challenges, and it’s our job to develop the best and most efficient shipping strategy for them. Contact us today to get started on your next project!

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