You’ve all seen them. They are in nearly every store you shop at, but without being told what to look for you’ve never given them a second thought. Figured it out yet? We’re talking about shelf signs, those little pieces of paper attached to the shelf that tell you what price you’ll be paying for those cookies, crackers and dish soap you’re adding to your shopping cart.

At Mittera Group, we have a shelf signs teams working tirelessly week in and week out. Utilizing our company’s vast resources, Rock Communications, along with the help of Mittera Creative Studio (MCS), Colorfx and our fulfillment warehouse, work to make sure that our customers have those little signs to hang on their shelves so that you, as the consumer, will know exactly what’s on sale.

Working with variable data to create a sign requires making each description fit in the allotted space while maintaining the integrity of the information, (matching as closely as possible to the print ad), and accommodating the customer’s style.

Needless to say, proofreading is incredibly important. We work with the design and accuracy teams at MCS to make sure that the information that we have received from the customer matches what is listed in the ad and that what is listed in the ad matches what is on the sign.

We also make sure that the phrasing is accurate and appropriately separated from the rest of the ad. (Recently, I saw a picture of a bad shelf sign on Facebook. It read “Children’s Thighs” rather than “Chicken Thighs”. We don’t want anything like that to happen!)

It begins with the data list. Each of our customers has a customized website where their stores can tailor their sign kits, selecting specific sizes and quantities of sign for each product in the ad, as well as choosing prices for items that will be priced differently in each store.

Next the customized data goes to a variable data processing program which is setup to recognize the customer’s specific style requirements, type styles, price formats, sizes, etc. We can even add graphics, images or logos to each sign!

The signs are all printed at Colorfx and shipped back to Rock to be cut, kitted and shipped out to our customers.

In the end, beautiful 3″x3″ (or 5″x3″ or 11″x7″) cards hang from the shelf in the store calling out to the consumer, “Buy This!”

–KENDELL HEAPS, Shelf Sign Coordinator – Rock Communications

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