We’ve all been there. Spending endless hours searching for that perfect image you know you have saved on your hard drive. After sinking a sickening amount of time into your endeavor you elect to invite others to your search party. Why does merely finding a file have to be so difficult? If you are a part of a business or organization who has thousands, possibly tens of thousands of images or files, this process is even more drawn out and complicated. This is precisely the situation that created the need for Digital Asset Management.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps to smooth processes for product management, marketing tasks, creative workflows and many other digital routines with an extensive digital asset organization. These can be photos, videos, documents, fonts — any digital asset.

The DAM library is only as good as its precision. The most imperative aspects of DAM are accuracy and ease of use. We provide a variety of methods for organizing your assets, and can provide almost any interface you desire. We can archive your assets by UPC codes, SKUs, part numbers, specific to your assets, to ensure optimal search results. We apply metadata to each image, so that you are offered a variety of ways for getting to your assets, quickly and easily.

DAM is vital to your internal workflow, content strategy, and brand management to name a few. By allowing your team to create content once and then customize it for delivery across multiple media channels, a DAM helps clients reach more customers on more platforms with more targeted content so that you can be more effective at hitting your target sales.

The rewards of leveraging MITTERA for DAM are unceasing. Not only can we design your marketing materials, provide quality printing, offer outstanding professional photography, we can store and organize all your digital assets as well. The ease this will create for your organization’s workflow will be evident immediately. The time you and your employees will save will free their workloads, and their minds, to focus on tasks that benefit your business.


RUSS WISEMAN | Manager, Creative Operations