Great design can open doors to a unique blend of potential clients. However, if those clients aren’t able to figure out who you are, what you can offer and how to contact your company, a great design is reduced to an inspiration rather than a new piece of branding material. That’s where a unique and concise leave behind can shine.

The leave behind is a piece of marketing material that agencies and freelancers have been working to perfect since the early days of the industry. It is simply any item that you leave with a client after a meet-and-greet, networking event or pitch meeting.

The most common and succinct leave behind is the company/personal business card — but creative designs have come a long way in the last century. No matter size or medium, the leave behind item should be designed to impress a potential client and also help them remember or find you again after the meeting.

When you do form that partnership, you will want to know how to pitch the perfect RFP!

When designing a leave behind, it needs to look like you, feel like you and represent your business or company. Use a color and typography palette that matches your brand. A leave behind showcases your skill and ability.

When designing the MITTERA Creative Services leave behind, we wanted to simultaneously inform our client and demonstrate to them our unique capabilities. The MITTERA orange is prominently featured along with high-res photography, capability descriptions, a size that fits easily into a purse or back pocket and and easy-to-follow explanation of not only what MITTERA does, but also how we can help potential new clients take their business even further.

Treat creating an extraordinary leave behind as you would any other client project. After all, this may be the first impression a potential client has of your company — and it’s a vital first impression — or the final reminder of why they ought to choose you over your competitor. Design leave behind items that represent your brand, your work and your company style. Consider fun divots that people will want to hold on to, so your name is always top of mind.


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