“What’s the next big thing in technology?” It’s one of the hardest questions to answer, and it just so happened to be the one I get asked the most. You can learn a lot about a person depending on their response. The hopeful will say renewable energy. The technophile with “holographic screens and technological implants.” For me, the answer is a bit less exciting (but no less important): IVR, automation, and analytics.

So, when I’m asked what the future of technology is, my answer is simple: interactive voice response (IVR). Whether you know it or not you’ve likely encountered IVR in your life. Any time you’ve found yourself talking to Siri on your iPhone or a disembodied voice asking you to press a one or two on your phone pad, you’re interacting with IVR.

While the technology itself isn’t new, IVR capabilities have grown exponentially.

Remember the election coverage? Likely, those reports were received via phone or SMS text by an IVR controller that set off a set of logic to do the math and reporting necessary to interact with the front page of the website you were following.

How about a time you called to check on a package delivery or credit approval? Your information was likely securely stored on a database that was then accessed from that phone line along with the encryption and password necessary to get to it without anyone lifting a finger. And that’s how it ought to be.

How many times have you found yourself at work asking, “Why isn’t this automated/computerized yet?” And how many times have you found yourself wishing you had a reporting dashboard to process the inputs from each day and each client only to realize the work that would have to go into making that happen and think to yourself “it’s just not worth it.”

At MITTERA, our team of automation experts are working to push the boundaries of IVR and automated analysis. An archived database can be analyzed and reports built and maintained from the onset. This means the time spent down the road is time spent on things that matter — without having to worry about spending your precious time on data entry and reporting systems.

Not only is our team ready to build custom solutions that push the envelope, but we’re excited to do it. Our team is passionate about automation and we’re invested as much as you are.

So do I think that IVR is the future? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s now. And soon, it won’t be an option but a necessity.

-Michael Tomlinson, Project Manager

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