It’s undeniable that technology has changed the direct marketing industry, but as the Director of Data & Analytics it’s my job to be a part of that change. When I work with clients to strategize successful direct mail campaigns, I start and end at the same place; the list, the list, the list. When it comes to direct mail targeting, your list is not just how you reach your market, it is your market. No amount of offers or creative art work or fancy folded inserts are going to fix a bad list.

That’s why Mittera employs data scientists and an in-house database of 250 million Americans (over the age of 18) with 1,000+ demographic elements. We do modeling, analyzing current customers and scour our database for the best potential customers depending on that client’s direct mail needs.

We can also help design direct mail to test and learn, improving efficacy and tracking the all-important metric of cost-per-acquisition.

Why Variable Direct Mail Works

We’ve built a number of handy analytics tools to help us in forming direct mail strategies for clients. One is a demographic report, where we take a client’s existing list of customers, match them to our demographic data and compare them to the population at large. This tells us very quickly what type of consumer we’re going after.

The second is a look-alike report, again created using a list of current customers but in this case we build a look-alike model where we score our entire 250 million Americans with how similar they are to the current customers. This builds a perfect prospect list for direct mail.

All this is stuff that we’ve developed in-house. Other players in the data world have similar tools, but the thing that makes us stand out is that we’re a one stop shop for more than access to data. Companies that are just list providers don’t care about selling direct mail, they care about selling direct mail lists, and only lists. That’s what makes us direct mail strategists, not just list providers.

At Mittera these tools and my team are only part of the organization that works together to make sure a client’s direct mail is everything it should be. We don’t just hand the list to the printer and say “go”. We work through all the ways that each element — the list, the offer, the creative, the piece, etc. — could be improved and how each element effects every other aspect of the piece as a whole. That’s why the list is such an important place to start. It’s the bedrock of the decision making process for how to effectively do direct mail.

That’s why, if you spent the effort to read all the way to the end of this blog, for $50 I want to offer to generate both a demographic report as well as a look-alike report on your customers. That $50 is only if you contact me this week though (Sept 26th to 30th, 2016), so don’t sit around deliberating, just email me at and we’ll start strategizing, not just mailing.

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