Here at Mittera, we like stories. It’s kind of our thing. Over the next few weeks, our blog will feature different members of our team telling their story and sharing their professional journey. Below are some words of wisdom from Dave Fehrer, Chief Operations Officer.

Something we talk a lot about in our organization is the wealth of opportunity. There is a lot of room to grow due to Mittera’s size, varying locations, and ranging services. We promote the idea that you can take on any role you are willing to learn and work for. But there are lot of different directions you can take, not only within Mittera, but in your professional journey in general. How do you recognize the opportunity when it presents itself? That’s a difficult question to answer, but I’ll tell you my own experience.

I started as an operator on the production floor in the metal stamping industry. When the opportunity arose to take part in an apprenticeship program, I took it. I acquired the skills to operate machinery, and spent a few years putting them to use before I took the opportunity to become a press operator for a printing company. From there, I worked my way up. It wasn’t just a couple of easy steps to my current position. It was years of hard work, and I took on several different roles as I climbed the ladder.

The decision to participate in the apprenticeship program, the decision to get into printing, the decision to take on more responsibility… Those are all opportunities I seized. You’ll notice that I used the word “decision” a lot. That’s because I believe that every decision you make is an opportunity, whether you realize it or not. It’s all about what you’re willing to do to achieve your outcome. Opportunities can look a lot like challenges. But when you decide to face those challenges and put in the necessary work, you’ll see it pay off. It may not be immediate, but you might find in a few years that stepping up to that challenge taught you the necessary skills for a job you want.

Something else we like to talk about at Mittera is “working harder and smarter for our customers”. This mentality is exactly how you create new opportunities for yourself. Brainstorm a more efficient way to do things. Go the extra mile for a customer. Keep looking for opportunities to get better. The people around you will notice. The more you grow on your own, the more you’ll see opportunities for growth being provided to you.

Say yes to challenges. Work harder and smarter. Watch the opportunities appear.

-Dave Fehrer | MITTERA

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