Here at Mittera, we like stories. It’s kind of our thing. Over the next few weeks, our blog will feature different members of our team telling their story and sharing their professional journey. This week we hear from Mike Poulter, an experienced member of our production team at our Urbandale, IA location.

I’ve been in the printing industry for almost thirty years. Like most people who have worked in this field for as long as I have, I’ve gotten my fair share of experience with different aspects of the printing process. After working for 23 years at a printing company, then being part of the Mittera family for almost 7, I’ve found where my personality and skills fit best.

I began my career in the pressroom in 1988. I was a press helper for a year before taking a new position that allowed me to acquire new skills. I learned how to run cutters, folders, and stitchers. When things were slow on the production floor, I spent my time in pre-press learning about layouts and how to prepare jobs to print. Taking the time to gain experience with all steps of the printing process set me up for opportunities to move into leadership roles.

My current position with Mittera is pressroom and bindery lead. I spend my time crunching numbers to figure out how we can meet all of our customers’ deadlines. It challenges me every day, which I enjoy. I get to set goals for myself and push myself to the max to meet those goals. Not only do I ensure our customers get their projects on time, but I also ensure that they are getting the very best quality we have to offer.

After all this time in the printing industry, I still love seeing a job well done. Helping to solve a difficult problem is rewarding for me. I work hard for our customers and take a great deal of pride in what I do. I worked hard to gain the expertise I have today, and I’m grateful for all the steps I took along this journey that got me ready for my role on Mittera’s team. If you take the time to become an expert in your industry, it will pay off.

Mike Poulter, Bindery Lead | MITTERA

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