The application of a tip-on card to your printed piece is an excellent way to increase interest and engagement. You will often find a tip-on card displayed on promotional messages when you open a piece of mail from a retailer. Tip-on cards are perfect for coupons, special offers, rewards or gift cards.  Additionally, the tip-on process can be utilized to add a small product sample to a printed piece.

Tip-on cards are small marketing pieces (paper or plastic cards, product samples, coupons, etc.) attached to another larger printed product.  Mittera’s equipment allows for tip-on cards to be incorporated with your printed product in-line, which reduces both cycle time and cost.

Our team of experts is available to help with any aspects of the process from brainstorming of ideas, to product design to production and mailing.  In addition, we can help develop appropriate tests to measure the response rates of your mailings.   Utilizing tip-on cards can help you keep your product fresh and up-to-date, especially for campaigns that include multiple mailings.   Each mail drop can utilize a different message on the tip-on card, making your mailings eye-catching, timely and relevant.

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