Finishing techniques on printed materials are like the accessories with a good outfit: they add polish, pizzazz, and punch. It’s that extra enhancement that is sure to get people’s attention.

When you create a high-value campaign and want your audience to linger over the materials you send or give to them, consider finishing them with UV coating. It creates an extremely high-gloss coating in one pass (in-line) and offers as much protection as aqueous coating or varnish, if not more.

With UV coating, you have several options. There’s typical gloss coating, both overall and spot, and there are also different finishes that have grown increasingly popular for brand marketing.

Picture a subtler, Soft Touch UV coat, which creates a very velvety feel to your print and packaging materials. This finish is especially effective when used sparingly on images such as fruit, leather, and fabric. Or, apply a gritty texture with UV coating for a markedly 3-D feel to your pieces. Recently, this finish was used on a campaign that featured a sandy beach, and another that included sandpaper.

UV coating creates print material that has incredible sensory appeal. Not only do the colors and images treated with UV pop off the substrate, but the effect also creates real texture. Imagine simulating the texture of footballs, sunflowers, lizards – or condensation on a window – in a print or packaging campaign. It can be done, and it can be done in one pass, making it highly efficient and adding zero time to your schedule.

This technology is not brand new, but it is highly improved in the last several years. There’s no longer any concern about UV coating and the environment. Today, UV technology is very friendly to the environment. It produces virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

One additional benefit to specifying UV coating to your materials is that it’s super easy for your file preparation; there’s nothing tricky about it. We can easily create masks for whatever images you want coated.

Maybe it goes without saying, but keep in mind that one primary function of any coating on your print materials is protection. UV coating provides incredibly powerful protection against scuffing, fading, and friction.

There’s nothing like UV coating in terms of getting images to pop. Contact us today to learn more about how our UV coating capabilities can make your piece stand out.