Customer care is vital to the success of any company, but it wasn’t too long ago the term conjured up memories of 1-800-numbers and a confusing numerical list of options. You’d hit 0, because that eventually got you to a real person—who would then tell you they’re transferring you to another department. Talk about frustrating.

How is Mittera Group different?

Customer Experience

At Mittera Group, our customers experience the best in customer services from every member of the team you meet—from the smiling sales rep at the start to the folks on the floor running the press. We take every step possible to make sure our customers receive the quality they desire. Deadlines, demands, trends and a litany of incentives and complications can muck up a project so it’s nice to know there is a team in your corner to ensure everything is executed appropriately—preventing any nightmares for our customers.

Staff Knowledge

Our ability to anticipate our customer needs is demonstrated best by our sales staff who know exactly what questions to ask. After we establish what your goal is then we can design the appropriate strategy to meet your goal—all while staying within your budget.


While a three-step process may sound appealing, it’s not how we do things at Mittera Group. That’s due to the fact that we tailor every strategy specifically to fit each customer. These custom solutions mean your company will stand out amongst your competitors. Our data team works hard to put together the data list that is going to get you the best ROI, as well as determine the best possible way to distribute your materials. With Mittera Group you get a proactive account executive, that can literally save you thousands of dollars.

Like it says on our website, Mittera Group is a multi-platform family of media companies specializing in communications with a focus on better customer relationships. We understand the importance of customer services. Good customer care shouldn’t just come from the customer service department—it comes from every member of the Mittera Group team. We all can give our customers a little extra attention to make them feel special and taken care of. When you sign on to working with Mittera Group you can expect top-notch quality — in our products and our people — every time.