Variable data direct mail is one way you can target your message to specific customers.

Not only do people prefer personalization, it gets better responses too.

For instance, imagine you’re at the mall and someone is standing in the food court, shouting over a megaphone that there’s a sale at a popular shoe store.

He or she may have reached a large audience, but there’s no way to know how effective this delivery method was or if anyone on the receiving end is even in the market for new shoes.

Now imagine that, instead of shouting, someone simply walks up to you and mentions there’s a sale on sneakers a few stores down. They talk to you specifically, because they happen to know it’s been over a year since you purchased your last pair.

Targeting With Direct Mail Lists!

That is how variable data direct mail works, and this is why it works:

  • Direct mail is more likely to match the wants and needs of the recipient.
  • 86 percent of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decision.
  • If your design and message are strong enough, 79 percent of consumers will actually read what you have to say.
  • About 80 percent of consumers will take action on a personalized direct mail piece vs. an email.
  • People also find direct mail to be more trustworthy than promotional emails.

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