The launch of Mittera Diversity + Development changes the diversity
and minority-owned business landscape through employee investment and ownership opportunities.

Mittera Continues its Commitment to Investing in Supplier Diversity Partnerships with the Creation of Mittera Diversity + Development

Des Moines, IA — Mittera announced today that it is launching Mittera Diversity + Development, a new company exclusively owned by Mittera employees who are focused on investing in diversity and who are also part of a minority group. Mittera Diversity + Development (MDD) will foster and nurture a strong foundation of employee entrepreneurship by providing meaningful ownership and investment management opportunities for highly impacted minority groups.

Co-founders of MDD are two women who have been leading the charge at Mittera. Chief Operating Officer, Hilary Warner and President of Mittera’s Creative and Technology division, Darby Oppold. “In a majority-male industry — it often comes as a surprise for others to see a leadership team full of women. We’re changing that logic by doing more than giving historically marginalized groups just a seat at the table, we’re building our own table,” said Warner.

“We believe a leadership program like this is more important than ever, and we’re doing the work to bring together a diverse group of employee-owners to create opportunity for-and enhance partnerships with diverse and minority-owned businesses,” said Oppold. “This development group represents a unique opportunity you will not find in most industries. We are excited to actively rise to the challenge and curate a group of diverse employees who all share a common goal.”

Print, mail, and marketing clients that are seeking diversity spend for their business initiatives can partner with Mittera Diversity + Development and utilize a Tier 1 and Tier 2 spend, while also having access to Mittera’s dynamic footprint and expansive services. “Supporting our diverse partners and broadening these partnerships is something I’m hugely excited about. MDD is investing in minority-owned businesses to be a part of their continued success and to give them the opportunity to access Mittera’s network of services,” said Jon Troen, CEO of Mittera.

MDD is partnering with Mittera who currently supports minority, veteran, woman, and LGBTQ-owned companies across the United States. Since working with these suppliers, Mittera has generated a positive impact within the supplier market, enabling those with a smaller footprint to elevate their offerings and break barriers within the industry. “By working with Mittera Diversity + Development and diverse suppliers within our industry, we can jointly benefit from a wider potential of opportunities to create a more robust and impactful experience for our clients,” said Troen.

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